Project Description

Tao-Chi: the rediscovery of the old masters way

Tao-Chi translated means „the way of energy“. Describing this with words is difficult because it’s about personal experience rather than learning a technique.

One can compare it to the following situation: imagine reading a book about african sandstorms while you are at the northpole. You can learn about the situation but you can’t feel it.

Tao-Chi is a very old knowledge which allows you to work with nature rather than against it.


In the beginning it’s crucial to find a basis by using a special Chi-Gung system. It’s said to be the same that Bodhidharma taught his shaolin students and that it’s the source of all Kung Fu styles. Similar to that it’s still taught in the monestary of Wu-Dang since generations.

Another basic element is learning the Tao Chi meditation and Dim Mak techniques.

After learning the basics one can start to understand the 5 elements of our body.

Earth, fire, wood, metal and water. These elements are working together in a positive (life generating) and in a negativ (destroying) way.

A good picture of that cycle is the so called plum blossom of Wing Chun. It contains all 6 principles of strength as well.

Learning the different kinds of strength and combining them with the 5 elements requires an understanding of how to transform the inner energy (Chi) inside the body and direct into the outside. As a result one creates an instinctiv behavior without having thoughts taking the lead in stressful situations.

How to personally use this kind of method is a main part of training for our instructors.

Higher level training contains the 108 wooden dummy form. CAUTION this form isn’t identical with GM Yip Man‘s 116 techniques but it gives you the information you need to understand GM Yip Man in a better way.

A martial art contains numerous techniques that are meant to make learning the system easier. The more one learns and understands the principles the more techniques become unnecessary. That’s how a truly free, applicable martial art is created.

So the whole Tao Chi system isn’t a pure fighting style it’s about becoming one with all that is.

Martial arts in general are meant to be a medium for expressing oneself. In the essence the art lies in the personal development and how to use this in everyday life. Not only can one live a better, happier life, he can also heal himself (psychologically and physically).

A 87 year old budhist monch taught our GM K. Haas special meditation techniques from decades ago. These are now very important tools for our system and our training.

The student needs to reach another level of spiritual evolvement before he can overcome blockades in his mind. He also gets to a new level of experience himself entirely.

What helps to reach those higher levels is the art of doing nothing. Espacially while meditation doing nothing is crucial.

Sadly the western world misinterpreted „empty your mind“ by using all kinds of different methods that are to stop all thaughts. That way one is influenced by that techniques and can’t discover himself. Because of that it’s important to let your thoughts be thoughts. There is no need to close them out.

Another wrong translation is the core of buddhism. The western world thinks it’s a religion and one hast to suffer on his way to enlightment. Buddhism rather is an ideology and no one has to suffer.

Buddhism makes you free from wrong religious beliefs and motivates to take action on your own.

In Europe our system is taught by the International Street Defence Organisation and the EVTF.

Everyone is welcome to make the experence for himself!


  • Free yourself from your own strength.

  • Free yourself from your opponents strength.

  • Use your opponents strength against him.

  • Put in your own strength.

  • If there is a free path, push forward.

  • If there is contact, be sticky.

  • If your opponent is too strong, fall back.

  • If your opponent falls back, follow him.


STREET DEFENCE in Dresden (3x), Radebeul, Freital, Döbeln, Radeburg, Heidenau, Meissen, Coswig, Mainz, Frankfurt and Thailand reduces all aspects of a sporty martial art to very simple, clear and effective techniques that can be used in selfdefence.

Sifu Matthias Stöhr, Chief-Instructor


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