Selbstverteidigungskonzept und beinhaltet die Essenz aus 30 Jahren Nahkampf-, Kampfsport- und Kampfkunsterfahrung.
Mehr erfahren WING CHUN TAO CHI Wing Chun Tao Chi ist eine alte Kampf- und
Kriegskunst und war bis vor ca. 250 Jahren absolut
geheim. Heute ist der Kampfsport Grundlage für
Selbstverteidigung, Gesundheit und Körperbeherschung.
Mehr erfahren KURSPLAN Wir bieten Kurse in Dresden, Heidenau, Meissen, Radeburg, Freital, Coswig, Mainz, Frankfurt und Thailand an.
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BÄREN STARKE KINDER DIE Selbstverteidigung für Kinder (6-12 Jahre).
Mit Spaß selbstbewusster und selbstsicherer werden!
Im Kurs "Die Selbstverteidigung für Kinder" lernen Kinder und Jugendliche einen geeigneten Umgang mit eigenen und fremden Aggressionen.
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Dresden, Radebeul, Coswig, Meissen, Freital, Radeburg, Döbeln, Heidenau, Pirna, Frankfurt and Mainz

Questions / Registration

0173 – 7 33 85 60


Dresden, Radebeul, Coswig, Meissen, Freital, Radeburg, Döbeln, Heidenau, Pirna, Frankfurt und Mainz

Questions / Registration

0173 – 7 33 85 60


Our Range

Our Instructorteam is experienced in many different forms of training and practicing selfdefence and martial arts. More than 30 years of expierience makes us unique. We always find the right solution, not only for kids and teenagers but also for grown ups.

Street Defence – DIE Selbstverteidigung

STREET DEFENCE forms the essence of realistic selfdefence using more than 30 years of close quarter combat and martial art experience.

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Wing Chun Tao Chi

Wing Chun Tao Chi is an old and traditional chinese martial art which was kept secret until about 250 years ago. Today this form of martial art forms the foundation for selfdefence and spiritual and physical health.

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Bären Starke Kinder

THE selfdefence for Kids (6 to 12 years of age). „Get confidence and courage by having fun!“

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Fighting with weapons

Get fundamental knowledge about weapons (especially knives). Learn about your rights and how to carefully handle situations with weapons involved and the right way of dealing with confrontations.

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Sigung Klaus is a Wing Chun Kung Fu Grand Master who has over 40 years of martial art expierience and knowledge.

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There is no limit to our courses. Everyone can take part and start to learn how to defend himself. Even physical disabilities are no burden. We can help you to get confidence and courage in your everyday life. Have a look at some impressions from our trainings to get a little insight.



All important news about the International Street Defence Network – Learn Selfdefence in Dresden, Radebeul, Heidenau, Meissen, Radeburg, Freital, Coswig, Mainz, Frankfurt and Thailand.


0173 – 7 33 85 60



  • Free yourself from your own strength

  • Free yourself from your opponents strength

  • Use your opponents strength against him

  • Put in your own strength

  • if there is a free path, push forward

  • If there is contact, be sticky

  • If your opponent is too strong, fall back

  • If your opponent falls back, follow him


STREET DEFENCE in Dresden (3x), Radebeul, Freital, Radeburg, Heidenau, Meissen, Coswig, Döbeln, Mainz, Frankfurt u. Thailand reduces all aspects of a sporty martial art to very simple, clear and effective techniques that can be used in selfdefence.

Sifu Matthias Stöhr, Trainer


Am Schiesshaus 19
01067 Dresden
Phone: 0173 – 7 33 85 60

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