Project Description

STREET DEFENCE – DIE Selbstverteidigung

Selfdefence & Martial Art in Dresden (3x), Radebeul, Freital, Döbeln, Meissen, Radeburg, Heidenau, Coswig, Mainz, Frankfurt and Thailand.

  • STREET DEFENCE is the essence of selfdefence. Based on the most effective form of martial art Wing Chun. It also contains a number of keytechniques and views from other martial art systems like Krav-Maga, Muay-Thai, Karate and Legionary drills.
  • STREET DEFENCE is no sport! There is no need for above average fitness and we do not train bodyfitness. Instead the training is focused on efficiently stopping a dangerous situation.
  • STREET DEFENCE trainings are to be practiced efficiently both physically and timewise.
  • STREET DEFENCE forms the essence of realistic selfdence using more than 30 years of close quarter combat and martial art experience
  • STREET DEFENCE  contains special training for handling panic and stresssituations.

For whome is Street Defence the best fit?

STREET DEFENCE – DIE Selbstverteidigung:

  • especially women and physically weaker folks
  • people without martial art experience and/or interest in classic martial arts
  • people with little free time capacities or who don’t want to train several hours a week
  • people that are unexperienced with handling aggressions and violence
  • Man and Women of EVERY AGE
  • EVERYONE, who wants to build up a solid selfconfidence
  • EVERYONE, who wants to build up a resistance against stress

Grundlagen unseres Trainings

  • All techniques need to be simple to learn FOR EVERYBODY.

  • Natural instincts and movements are part of the system.

  • Everything needs to work immediatly in the moment of confrontation.

  • Every defence must be an attack as well.

  • One technique must work against different kinds of attacks.

  • Defence must work under difficult circumstances as well.

  • Every training has to contain an experience of mental stress that can occur in a real situation.

  • The system needs to be constantly renewed.

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    We do not only teach techniques but also and in particular the handling of psychological stress in situations of danger, fear and panic.


    • Free yourself from your own strength.

    • Free yourself from your opponents strength.

    • Use your opponents strength against him.

    • Put in your own strength.

    • If there is a free path, push forward.

    • If there is contact, be sticky.

    • If your opponent is too strong, fall back.

    • If your opponent falls back, follow him.


    STREET DEFENCE in Dresden (3x), Radebeul, Radeburg, Heidenau, Meissen, Coswig, Mainz, Frankfurt and Thailand reduces all aspects of a sporty martial art to very simple, clear and effective techniques that can be used in selfdefence.

    Sifu Matthias Stöhr, Chiefinstructor