Tao Chi health concept

In asia it’s common knowledge that the physical body, emotions and the spiritual mind are meant to be in a harmonic balance. That’s the only way to reach a whole and healthy state of mind and body.

The Tao Chi health concept is to reinstate one or more unbalanced levels of spiritual or physical health.  We use a meditation technique  that’s based on special movements. Even if you are already diagnosed with a disease that no classic medical system can cure there is the possability that we can help you to help yourself.

Experences show that we have biggest success on autoimmune diseases.

But be careful: the most important part in the whole process is the personal willpower to overcome a disease and how strong it already has become. Nothing is impossible!

Sifu Klaus

Grandmaster Klaus Haas is founder of Tao Chi.

His martial art history began at the age of 14 in the year 1973. He startet practicing different styles like Karate, Teakwon-Do, Kendo, Iaido, Kenjutsu and Kickboxing. In some of those styles he mastered the system and got a Dan-graduation (black belt graduation).

After meeting his former Si-Hing K. Dingeldein in the year 1988 he began to practice Wing Tsun and Escrima. K. Dingeldein is founder of the EVTF and still befriended with Sigung Haas until today.

1993 Sigung Haas got his Sifu-titel in presence of Dr. Leung Ting.

After he visited Hongkong, GM Haas startet his own studies in martial arts in the year 2000. He even wrote some books about his studies. All copies were soon sold out.

The year 2003 brought bad news. GM Haas was diagnosed with multiple scleroses. That’s when he started to spend all his energy in understanding that disease and get better. This way led him to Thailand where he founded the Tao Chi concept in 2016.

Sifu Klaus
Sifu Klaus

Sifu Klaus Kontakt: Tao_Chi.Org@Yahoo.com

Ort: Udonthan, Thailand